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Going home from Honduras



Going home




Leaving Honduras is always hard. I grow fond of the people even though I do not speak their language fluently; the landscape with the flowers and birds and mountains is incredibly appealing; and although it is not a traditional vacation it is a respite from my usual work.


I leave behind fancy soaps for the maids, give my shoes and pants to one of the workers—his shoes had fallen apart while working in the Bentonite, and pack up everything else in my bags. I’ve gotten some photo editing done but usually each evening I am too tired to do much more than fall into bed.


We caravan in four vehicles to the airport in Tegucigalpa; make our way through the airport, pay our exit fees, clear customs, buy souvenirs—bags of that wonderful coffee, and finally get on the plane. The plane is full of mostly of other mission groups and everyone exchanges cards and emails and promises to keep in touch.


Once on the ground in Houston, we must go through border patrol and then customs. This is always hectic and we lose sight of our fellow travelers as some are moved ahead to accommodate their flight schedules. All we need to do is find our way to the rent-a-car place and drive home.


It has been a week filled with rich experiences and new friends.


I can hardly wait until it is time to return.


A few more photos on smugmug are at:

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