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Praying for water for Jacaleapa

Red Jacks and Green Balls

Red Jacks and Green Balls

Day Four





Sunrise this morning was spectacular. Clouds hovered over the tops of the mountains and glimmered pink and orange. Some of the trees have lacy frond branches that were tipped with pink and orange. The upside down trees lining the pathway glistened with mist and I was sorry I had left my camera behind in the room.


After breakfast of hard-fried egg, beans, fried plantains, squeaky cheese, tortillas, kiwi juice and wonderful coffee we met for devotions and to plan our day. Tools needed to be cleaned and put away, the part removed cleaned and polished with emory paper and an inventory of the tools taken. The hygiene team went about their business; Glen and I volunteered to clean tools and do an inventory while the rest of the team planned to go to Yuscaran.


Glen and I were left with David, a very personable young Honduran who spoke almost no English at Galpon. Glen worked on cleaning up the tools while I began the inventory. Some of the tools were in the wrong spots and I relocated them properly; set them out drawer by drawer, sorting them into like groups.


The morning passed quickly but then Terry returned saying that there were protests in Danli, four of our team were caught in the traffic congestion of the protests and he felt uncomfortable with the team not being at Zamarano. And so we packed up and came back to centro Kellogg.


Perhaps it is a good thing. I’ll have time to edit my photos but everyone feels anxious. It is one thing to not get a well while trying and another to sit on our hands waiting for parts, trying to figure out how to wreak repairs. Continuing to use that rig though might have created significant safety problems and so learning what needs to be done to keep it in good repair is good for the future.


 More photos are on smugmug at:


Of note is the absolutely spectacular church with lovely wooden ceilings, benches and accents. In June last year I captured hummingbirds busily collecting nectar from the flowers just outside the church ‘walls’.


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