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A Day of frustation


Paco the rooster rules at Gaalpon

Paco the rooster rules at Gaalpon

Dark clouds and mist seemed to promise rain as we began our day.





First stop was in Gaalpon where Glen assembled a muffler for one of the pumps. Then off to the drill site where the mud was remixed and more water obtained. Drilling began around ten. At 40 feet the bit began to bump and the pipestem to flex. Mud was dripping out of the top of the drilling rig and the mud had large streaks of oil.


So we shut down and investigated. Two bolts were not in place. One was snapped off, the other totally missing. The mechanism was disassembled and taken back to Galpon where it was further taken apart. Everyone was covered with grease splatters from top of head to feet. The seals needed to be replaced and the bearings were bad.


I take lots of photos of the part as it is disassembled; instruction manuals are not easily located, certainly none with diagrams and photos. We are also making a list of needed tools as most of the work is being done with makeshift equipment.


Tomorrow, Hector will go to Tegucigalpa and find new rings and seals and bearings. It seems the missing parts are tractor parts and Hector is confident that they are readily available.


It is disappointing but tomorrow is another day.

A few more photos are on smugmug at:

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