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Drilling for water

drill plate

drill plate






It was a long day.


When the well was measured it was only 46 feet as mud had fallen back into the hole. The day was spent hauling water in barrels from the creek to make into mud. The small pumps failed and Glen had to reassemble and work on them.


The Hondurans worked hard digging the mud pits with pick-axes and shovels. The dirt was hard and the picks bounced off the dirt. I’m in charge of recording and so I entertained myself by writing and drawing a small sketch of the layout. I took lots of photos and a few movies. It is incredibly interesting to me as I’ve never seen a well dug and I’m having a good time just watching.


This week is a festival and we can hear the music from the band on the town square; fireworks are shooting off and then there was a parade. A band marched up and down the streets; the members dressed in matching blue shirts and red shorts. Two people wore some sort of masks and danced in the street. Then there were some motorcycles, fancy cars with huge bows on their hoods, and a princess tossing out candy at the children hanging on the fence. Last in line was four cows but they obligingly turned up the street near us. Lots of folks are riding horses while wearing fancy checked shirts and bandanas.


At the end of the day, the mud pits were filled, the bit changed and tomorrow we’ll be ready to drill.


 As always, more photos are on smugmug at



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