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Drilling a water well in Jacaleapa Honduras Arrival

It’s been almost three weeks since we returned from Honduras and I’ve been busily editing photos. I took nearly five to six hundred each day. I’ll be posting the events of the week over the next few days. Honduras is a beautiful country populated by a warm and generous people. Things we take for granted like clean water running out of a tap are dreams of luxury for many of them. Photos of the entire trip are posted in Smugmug and include several small video clips.

Roof Tiles

Roof Tiles


The alarm was set for 3:15 AM; I was grateful for the pre-made coffee requiring just a push of the button. Our bags were packed and sitting by the door. Frost covered the windscreen of the rental car and all the eagerness to be on the road had to be put aside while waiting for the defroster to work. Driving to the airport I thought about all the things that I needed to do, should have done, and would be waiting for me when I returned.


After making our way through the maze of roads to the rental car return, baggage check-ins, security checks, we found ourselves at the gate. Our new hats felt awkward and I hoped we were properly equipped for the trip. It wasn’t long before a friendly voice greeted us, we chatted for a bit, and then soon there were more and then it was time to get on the plane.


The sky was bright and sunny; the flight a bit bumpy, the landing in Tegucigalpa perfect, clearing security and immigration in just a few minutes, and then began the drive to El Zamorano.


This is the third time I’ve been here but it begins to feel as familiar as home. Everything is lushly green, the result of an unusual season of rain. Ordinarily that would seem to be a good thing, but this meant the second crop of corn and beans was washed out; and the creeks are dry. Water is so very vital and many wells here are hand-dug, producing only 5 gallons or so an hour and contaminated.


We checked out the rigs today; repairs were needed and the Hondurans were working diligently. Tomorrow we set up. Our location is in the town square and we are sure to have lots of observers.


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