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Big Bend and our attempt to find Madrid Falls



day-four-madrid-falls-attemptToday we decided to go to the State Park. The State park is not nearly as developed as the National Park. We had heard Madrid Falls was beautiful and so we bought a year long pass for the State Parks, bought some books and maps, got some instructions, and headed out.


The road to the State park goes through Lajitas and Redford. A county road through Bofecillas Canyon was the shortest route but it was rough and had several signs warning No Trespassing. We turned around and went back on the main road. A few miles later we were detoured off the main paved road onto a clearly newly graded road. We heard another vehicle following us–a cement truck, a vehicle we wanted to be in front of–not behind.


The roads here are rough and full of washboards. We bounced along until we came to a spot marked Yellow Caves. At this point, Glen decided it woudl be easier to ride a motorcycle for the rest of the trip. We off-loaded and began. As a passenger, it wasn’t much better. It was definitely a weight-bearing exercise for my spinal column. A few places, I got off and walked. The scenery was wonderful, though and I tried to get some photos from the back of the motorcycle. I took two movies although I admit I was more concerned with holding on than taking photos while riding through some of the rougher stuff.


Eventually we parked the motorcycle and began walking. It was obvious the park ranger had never hiked this far as we walked for nearly an hour before we decided we needed to retrace our steps lest we try to drive out in the dark. Some of the road was incredibly steep, so steep it was impossible to take photos. I slipped and slid down the hill.


We never did see the falls but decided a return trip to see Cinco Tenajas was a doable trip.


Supper was at the Starlight Theatre–and surprisingly the bicyclists we saw last year and again this year on Old Ore Road was there having supper. I had tortilla soup– a tad bit spicier than I like– and a green salad while Glen had the chicken sauteed with oyster mushrooms.


Home to the Easter Egg Motel and viewing of our photos of the day–and then to bed. It was a good day.


Photos of the day are here:

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