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Working in a Series

Unexpected Treat


maple-leafLast week I had the unexpected treat of not having much to do at work for an hour or so. I do have internet access but a lot of things are blocked including images and blogs. So I happened to wonder what might be showing at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. I discovered two on-line artist profiles that I could actually view.


The first was Joan Miro. I do not particularly like his work—neither the paintings or his sculptures but it was interesting to read about his work habits. He experimented with new materials studying the effect of paint and color on the different surfaces. Working in series allowed him to fully investigate the material as well as the idea. His use of color was also intriguing. Although I still would not rush out to buy a print of his work, I was impressed with his work ethic and manner of working.


The second was Van Gogh. Van Gogh seems to be a favorite and probably one that the average public recognizes as ‘artist’. This particular write-up describes his development of his Starry Nights. Studying his use of color and spatial relationships as he worked was interesting and I wonder what would happen if I lined up my work chronologically.


Here is the website for the museum. I think this set of images will be up until the end of this week.


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