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Puzzling Windows

windows-redoWhat do these things have in common?



Yellow and blue Crayola markers

Two dimes and three pennies

A spool of dark gray Gutterman quilting thread

Empty crayon box (for 16 crayons)

A Lego man

A pencil with gnawed off eraser

More Legos—yellow, red, and blue put together in a small platform

A Paper Clip

Roll of tape (very squashed)

A very small car-smaller than a Matchbox

A piece of string

Math Homework (dated September 10, 1989)

Phillips Screwdriver (also missing for a very long time)

An enormous family of dust bunnies



Answer: Things found under an vintage air conditioner we had to move to prepare for our new hurricane proof windows in the middle son’s room. That air conditioner was about four feet long, three feet high and two feet deep–it looks like a very nice credenza with some fancy parquet work on the front. It is probably sixty or more years old.


The installers carefully popped out each wooden window–the kind that have the sash cords and window weights and stacked them neatly outside before carting them all off–somewhere. My new windows tilt in for easy cleaning; the old ones required taking apart and sitting on the sill to clean.


I did ask but the dust bunny family declined having their photographs on display quoting something about privacy.


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  1. I am surprised the dust bunnies did not want to connect with their relatives worldwide!
    Congratulations on the show.

    November 18, 2008
  2. Diana #

    Math Homework (dated September 10, 1989)

    the poor dog got blamed for this 😎

    November 18, 2008
  3. Leslie #

    Sounds like the contents of the crack of my couch where the monster lives. I love that you share the mundane as well as your lovely art. Thanks

    November 18, 2008

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