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A day of Contrasts


Saturday was All Saints, a day of obligation.


I began my day by attending mass at Annunciation Catholic Church on Texas Avenue in Houston. The church has been at that corner since 1869 and has been the mother church for over 50 others in the area. The church is built in Gothic/Renaissance style with arching ceilings and stained glass windows. The round window over the apse displays the Annunciation scene and as the sun rose in the east, the gold glass glowed intensely. The acoustics weren’t the best but it was a beautiful service.


Next on the agenda was a day with Barbara Crawford from Missouri. She is irreverent but immensely talented and wildly entertaining. Our project was creating a wool coat from two sweatshirts;–perhaps a bit odd in hot humid Houston but occasionally we do have cooler weather and we do (rarely) leave Texas to visit other places. We started with wool roving from New Zealand sheep—and everyone who passed by our door thought there was a barnyard inside. We also got a wide berth when running down to the food court for lunch.


Last on the day was a body-building championship contest. My middle son and his current girlfriend were participants.  It was my first time to meet her, her parents, and to see a bodybuilding contest. It was definitely different! He won second in his class; she won third—and both were thrilled.


It was a long ride home in the dark but I didn’t run into a moose—Her father is from northern climes and was a bit concerned over this possibility. I assured him that as many times as I have driven home through Houston, I have never seen a moose—not even on a billboard.


Photos of the bodybuilding contest are at smugmug including a short video clip.


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