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Hurricane Ike Two Weeks and Three Days

Hurricane Ike two weeks and three days


After thinking a bit more about all of this the most remarkable thing was auditory.


·        Locomotive roar of the tornado passing overhead

·        Doors and windows rattling in the wind

·        The neighbors green house glass breaking

·        The tin on another neighbor’s house rattling as it was being torn off

·        Horizontal rain and wind

·        A single bird chirping in between bands of wind

·        Generators running

·        Chain saws running intermittently during the day

·        Helicopters and planes overhead assessing the damage

·        No radios or televisions or music systems

·        No phone

·        The silence of curfew—no cars, no hum of street lamps, no voices.




This is a photo of my fence. The wind rocked the posts back and forth so that there is over eight inches of excursion. I watched the neighbor’s fence undulating until it finally collapsed. It was an interesting variation of ‘the wave’ at sporting events.


Yes, that is a large hunk of concrete around the post. Each post has been propped up with a T-post until I can find a fence-mender and the insurance adjustor visits.

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  1. Sound always leaves a very powerful impression on me as well. But perhaps silence is even more immense. It seems to fill more space, externally and internally.

    October 3, 2008

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