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Hurricane Ike and more cleanup

The past few days have been a blur. I worked two ten hour shifts at St. Elizabeth, one as the sole provider. There were never fewer than fifteen charts waiting to be seen. So many people, and so many inappropriate visits, it is overwhelming. I struggle with what to think about the people who have so many medical problems but yet they stayed or they came back despite the mandatory evacuation. It is easy to blame them for what anyone with half a brain would think simple common sense. It is hard not to be angry at the complaining and the begging for narcotics—and then there’s the people who let their children walk barefoot through the water—and the people who bring a car-load of children back despite no power or water or fuel or medical services—and the people who come in requesting MRI’s when the hospital is struggling to do just plain xrays.


The hospital did its best to make life pleasant—one night they served cherry cobbler and another night Ice-Cream Sundaes. Unfortunately, my digestive system was unhappy and I wasn’t able to enjoy it. The weather has been cool and so I’ve been doing some of the outside cleanup before going to the hospital. Our water tastes like ocean water because it is and we’re supposed to conserve it. We do have hot water but I feel a bit guilty about taking a nice hot shower each day since the folks staying at the hospital don’t have that luxury.


Glen retrieved the generator and hooked up the refrigerator and freezer; the only thing in the chest freezer that thawed was some Zummo’s sausage. There wasn’t that much in the refrigerator except for milk and orange juice. We had Italian sausage and sauerkraut for supper last night with the last of the wine—it was called ‘Goats Do Roam’ and it really did taste like those goats had roamed through the wine. It has been a long time since I cooked much of anything and it was a challenge to figure out to cook only on the gas cook-top.


We went out to the shop and started to clean up in the shed. It is a mess. The wind blew it against the stump near the one side of building and pushed it toward the shop knocking off the water access outside. I picked up some things; it’s about half done but all I truly did was just put things in boxes; none of it sorted. I dread the project of sorting all my dye/surface design tools and supplies.


The inside of the shop was wet on the back wall; there were big dents in the carpet where the water dripped through the wall. The floor is warped and uneven but not nearly as dramatic as after Rita. And of course, the paint is peeling off the wall. But all my sewing machines and fabric seem to be dry and unharmed.


Today I am in Bellville and things have not been too bad today. It was hard getting up by candlelight and boiling water to make French Press coffee. Somehow I agreed to work again tomorrow night at St. E and then on Sunday in Rusk. I just hope I can manage this workload.



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