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Hurricane Ike Working at the Hospital



I walked to the hospital this afternoon as I could see a lot of trees and power lines down. The ER had been moved to the second floor and chaos reigned. There were so many people, many of whom wanted refills of medications and expected a two week supply of their chronic pain medications. Some people had been injured, a few doing foolish things, others performing their jobs. It is amazing how many people did not leave and the resiliency of those folks working.


I put in eight hours and on the way home discovered my cell-phone was working. I had many messages all wanting me to report to work earlier—and one that I had not shown up. And then someone wanted me to work on Thursday in Trinity. I am already scheduled for Bellville on that day by which time hopefully life will have settled down a bit and travel won’t be as restricted.


Jimmy said he got power back this afternoon around 4. Of course I am still in the dark. Glen wonders why I didn’t charge up my phone in the truck—forgetting that I’ve been at work today. He decided not to get a generator but I urged him to get a chain saw as we will definitely need one to clean up the backyard.


Good things do come from hurricanes though. It becomes a time for neighbors to meet each other and extend help. I met one tonight—and got the name of a roofer who works with tiles and offered me tiles if I needed extra for my roof. Now that I have walked around the back I can see some that are missing. Interestingly, there are no trees limbs near the ones that are missing. She also heard the tornado that went overhead. I can see the pine tree down the street that is missing the top—it’s all twirled around and broken off.


I’m not as sleepy tonight as last night but with no light except for candles it’s hard to think of much to do that doesn’t require light. Tomorrow I’m scheduled to be back at St. E from 10 until 10.



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