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Hurricane Ike cleanup

Sunday morning 

I woke this morning to flashes of lightening and the sound of rain. Normally I love the sound of rain dripping on the roof and falling through the branches and leaves. But today my crepe myrtles are naked and do not filter the rain. The little bit of cleanup I accomplished yesterday is but a drop in the bucket with the additional water added to the streets and drainage system.


The windup battery is my only companion. I must wind it every ten minutes or so and the reception is not good. I tilt it against a box of butter mints on my breakfast room table. Cell phone service is extremely marginal and I am amazed at the number of people who are managing to call in to the radio station. Many of them are out of town; and the officials are urging everyone to stay where they are.


My refrigerator is still cold inside and the freezer is still frozen. I pulled out a jug of frozen water to place in the refrigerator section. The milk and orange juice are still cold and I had my usual cereal with banana for breakfast. Last night I treated myself to a huge bacon and lettuce sandwich with a glass of red wine. Although peanut butter sandwiches are quick and easy, there’s something about a hot meal that feels comforting.


I still have not ventured out to see what happened to my shop. I am trying to console myself with that it is only stuff. I have no insurance on it—it was just something I could not afford with the medical bills in the past year.


My three sons are all okay; the youngest one thinks his house flooded but wasn’t able to get close enough to really see. He did lose his garage roof and fences and trees. Fortunately he is fully insured but there are some things that are not replaceable.


Today I go to work at St. E’s. I am already worried about how I am going to get back home—if I will be out after curfew. And then tomorrow—I am supposed to be at work in Trinity—which means leaving before curfew and through some unfamiliar roads.


This morning I opened up a box of lettered stamps and walnut ink I had bought several months ago and stamped all over some postcards I water-colored last night. The Nijii waterbrushes get rave reviews from a lot of people but I find them a challenge. So I decided to practice without expectation of anything wonderful. The smaller pointed brush is easier to control. If I am home before curfew, I’ll try them again but this time I think I’ll wet the cards first before painting.


Now to get ready for work.




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