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Hurricane Ike

Sept 13, 2008

1:15 PM


My crepe myrtles are now naked. All their leaves are on the ground and on the street. Yesterday they were blooming; today it looks like mid-winter. Several have a few trunks broken off; and two are laying flat on the ground. There are twigs and branches everywhere.


The back fence is partially down and the new fence we installed last year is wobbling in the twenty or thirty mile gusts of wind. And there are several roof tiles missing. I now feel overwhelmed at the amount of cleanup that will be required. Repairing the roof will be a major undertaking as few roofers will want to come out for a half day’s work.


Telephone service is extremely limited; I’ve not talked to youngest son but heard through middle son that he is okay but lost his garage roof and fences and trees. He wasn’t able to check on flooding but thinks it might have. Middle son also had some damage to house; oldest son is probably in middle of worst of storm now.


People are already out driving around but there are power lines down and some streets are impassible due to downed trees. There is no hope of getting power today; and already my neighbor has started up his generator. I heard that damage in China is bad and I’m trying to prepare myself mentally for finding the shop totally flattened.


It’s just stuff, after all.

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