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Hurricane Ike

Hurricane Ike Part III


After two hours raking up leaves and branches in our driveway and backyard with a vintage push broom, I am about one tenth done. The stack of branches and leaves that I have cleared is nearly as tall as I am and stretches out for twelve feet. The crepe myrtles are creaking and the wind is picking up again and we are getting more rain. This storm had sustained winds of over 75 miles an hour for nine hours with an hour or more of over 100 miles an hour. I feel lucky that the damage is limited to a few roof tiles, my fence, and all my lovely crepe myrtles.


I have not heard from my youngest son or oldest. My phone service is very intermittent and the local officials are urging everyone to stay away. They are predicting return of power to take much longer than after Rita and that was nearly three weeks for us.


Crepe myrtles seem to always have lichens growing on their branches. I harvested some since it was neatly deposited at foot level; put it in an olive jar with some vinegar and muslin. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll set up a similar jar with the bark but for now I’m tired and plan to rest. I’m supposed to work tomorrow at St. Elizabeth’s.


The house feels lonely and tired and old.


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