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Project Runway on a small scale


I went to the fabric store Saturday with the intention of getting just a couple yards of woven interfacing to finish the jacket I started in Cloudcroft. Unfortunately I had just watched a rerun of last seasons Project Runway and there was a huge aisle full of red dot sale fabric—half price! There was a luscious blue bamboo suiting, a lovely creamy yellow linen, a soft pale blue check cotton blend perfect for a soft blouse, and an embossed café au lait corduroy. While I waited for my fabric to be cut, I spied some really interesting buttons but as my hands were full I resisted.


Many years ago, my mother and her best friend decided they would become 4-H leaders and teach their daughters sewing. We measured and cut out simple gathered skirts and aprons. It didn’t take long for me to realize I could have any garment I wanted in colors of my choosing—not my mother’s if I sewed it. My only limitation was the fabric available in the local store.


            Since that time, I’ve made Halloween costumes and pajamas for my sons, curtains and slip-covers for my home, and quite a few suits and jackets for my corporate career. I’ve spent hours constructing a garment that is the wrong color or just looks funny somewhere or is too tight or pulls up awkwardly. I’ve had my share of garments that were worn once and then put in the back of the closet until they were donated to charity.


            But since I’ve been working in the Emergency Room and my wardrobe consists of scrub tops that I embroider with my name, a turtleneck or waffle-weave long sleeve shirt, and a pair of slacks I just haven’t had a reason or place to wear pretty clothes. Non-work clothing consists of blue jeans with either a T-shirt or sweatshirt depending upon the weather. And it’s hard to wear out church wear with just a couple of hours wear each week.


            However, armed with a garment construction workshop in Cloudcroft, more fabric than should be legal to possess, and a challenge from friends, watch out Houston Quilt Festival. I’m coming with new, nicely sewn and fitted garments.


            Of course it might just be my nightgown!

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