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Mother’s Day in Virginia on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Mother’s Day in the Blue Ridge Parkway Virginia


Virginia was cold, wet, and dreary. It was so unwelcoming outside that the suggestion we sit around watching an old movie and mate socks seemed like a great idea. However, the weather did clear a bit for me to go walking about and take a few photos.


My mother-in-law suffers from macular degeneration and can see very little but gets around quite well and is amazingly upbeat. She has always loved birds and there are three birdfeeders outside her kitchen window. The birds didn’t seem to mind the nasty weather and feasted within a few feet of our view.


One of my fondest memories of early married days were Sunday dinners at my in-laws house. After the meal—usually large and prepared by my father-in-law with assistance from his daughters, we would make a large pot of tea and the ‘girls’ would all choose a teacup and sit in the living room with our tea. I don’t remember what the boys were doing; perhaps taking Grandpa home or out looking at a motorcycle or some other project. I usually got the teacup with the violets on it; my sisters-in-law choosing the ones with the thistle. My mother-in-law usually chose the one with little pink roses—I learned this weekend it was from her Aunt Sarah. I made tea several times; only this time I had a gorgeous deep blue/gold teacup from Russia.


My sister-in-law has raised garden beds with asparagus and lettuce. I begged her to let me pick the lettuce; the asparagus was strictly hers according to her husband as she had spent many hours planting and nurturing those two beds. I ’m not sure why I thought it so fun to pick lettuce but I did that—after I cleaned out my mother-in-law’s refrigerator for her. I also cut flowers for arrangements inside. Lilacs and iris and roses and peonies were all in full bloom.


Besides the family gathering and inspection of my in-laws basement rec room re-do—it’s beautiful and I could see living down there—and winning at dominoes—there were lady slippers blooming in the woods.


It was a short weekend but it was time to go back to Texas.

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