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Texas World Speedway

April 17, 2008


My husband enjoys taking photos. He takes photos of birds, engines, people, but he really loves to take photos of motorcycle races. As a former racer, he knows where to stand and what sort of photos people like to see. And now that he has armed me with a nice camera, I like to go with him.


The CMRA (central motorcycle racing association) has been around for quite awhile. Each year during the racing season which starts in February and lasts through October, races are scheduled monthly at various venues. Oak Hill in East Texas is my husband’s favorite, but Texas World has the added enticement of lots of lovely petrified wood. For someone in coastal Texas who must buy rocks, this is a treat.


Most folks camp out at these events. The camping setups range from pup tents, sleeping in vehicle, to fancy motorhomes with built-in garages. The events are listed as family-oriented—and there are some families there with young children. Mostly, though, it is a guy type event. A few girls/women are racers too and there have been all female teams which have done well.


I am always impressed at the orderliness, politeness, and general clean aspect of the weekend. There is very little drinking, people are in bed at 10 or so, the generators must be turned off then—so there are no radios playing. I hear very little bad language and although this is a competition, if someone needs a tool or part it is cheerfully lent. Assistance is willingly given to unload bikes or load them up or set up a camp site.


The weather was absolutely perfect this past weekend—the wind could have shifted down a bit. Wildflowers were blooming and I managed to get a few photos of bikes racing amongst Indian Paintbrush. I am not as good at getting racing motorcycles as my husband is; he’s had a lot more practice, and I admit I prefer to get more people and pit photos.


Despite the perfect weather, the race was plagued by several red flags—this means a rider is down with an injury. The injuries during the Endurance were minor, broken nose, broken thumb—one of the bikes was truly crumpled up with parts torn off. It must have been a spectacular sight.


On Sunday, one of the well-known racers was severely injured with broken ribs, punctured lung, and broken leg. He is doing well, but thinks he might give up racing.




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