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Lesson Learned

Lesson Learned


On Easter weekend we went to Cresson to watch the CMRA motorcycle races. The weather was scheduled to be lovely and so we packed our camping gear, bought snacks and sandwich makings, and loaded up cameras and the Yamaha.


The trip was uneventful, the weather was pleasant and we arrived in plenty of time to set up our camp site. The day was a bit overcast so the photo-ops weren’t ideal. We were both really tired and so we crawled into our sleeping bags a little after 8:30 PM.  Cresson is very windy and the wind seemed to find its way into my sleeping bag. I was cold but not nearly as cold as I was in Bounce Ranch last fall. 


The Christian motorcycle group always provides coffee—and it was hot and wonderful that next morning.


We both wandered around taking photos on Saturday. Glen takes action photos, I take pit pictures and textures and just things that intrigue me. This time it was the refueling process. While we were walking around, we ran into a friend. He is a sculptor and he asked about my art. I was not exactly prepared to talk about it—and I had left my cards at home—thinking that this was a motorcycle event—not an art event. Glen had his cards at my insistence—but mine were still nicely on my desk at home.


After a long day of taking photos, we crawled into our sleeping bags again around 9. The folks next to us were roasting marshmallows and I thought briefly about begging to join them but the sleeping bag was so comfy I didn’t really want to leave.


Around three in the morning, we awoke to the sound of rain. A very cold rain and wind! We scurried about to take down our campsite amidst cold rain, my fingers were so stiff from cold I couldn’t fit them into my gloves. We threw everything into the bed of the truck or into the cab and were ready to start driving home when we discovered the gates were locked until 6. We spent the rest of the night sleeping in the cab—it was so cold there was frost on the windscreen from our breath.


We stopped at an IHOP in Ennis for a nice hot breakfast with gallons of coffee. Our waitress was either at the end of her shift or maybe at the beginning because she couldn’t quite get our order straight. She ended up bringing double orders of French toast—for an older looking couple of the age who split entrees.


A good weekend, some great photos, a fun time, and now I know I must always take my business cards with me everywhere I go. New ones are on order. I’ll also need to practice my artist spiel and follow up on the potential gallery lead he gave me.


 Photos of the weekend are here. More photos of the weekend are here.



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