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Mexico on a Motorcycle Final Impressions


My Impressions:


This trip was the most expensive vacation we have ever taken and worth every penny. It was great to not worry about where we were going to stay or where we were going to eat. The roads were great and the people were so warm and friendly. No-one laughed at my Spanish although I practiced it at every opportunity. The food was wonderful and I had papaya nearly every day along with fresh orange juice.


Agriculture seems to be the base of their economy—and they clearly struggle with outdated tools. Much of the land they farm would be exceedingly difficult to work with tractors. However, they seem to make the most of what they have. I found the fences particularly interesting—the saplings stuck in the ground with wire woven between them—the saplings take root and flower.


The presence of the military was somewhat frightening as they were fully armed. Their purpose was to search for drugs and guns. It was also rather unnerving to be on the Mexico side of the border and asking permission to return to the US.


I would have liked to have spent longer at each place—taken more photos. I look forward to the next time I can return to Mexico.


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