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Mexico on a Motorcycle Part Six

door-in-santa-engracia.jpgDay Seven


Today I decide I will ride rather than stay in the van. Our ride today is through some of the tropical part of Mexico and then through the sugar cane area. We also learn about tequila and see several fields planted with agave.


It is not easy to take photos from the back of a motorcycle particularly with a full face helmet on. I take a lot of sideways and otherwise strange photos of the back of Glen’s helmet or his jacket.


We stop at a sugar cane press and buy some treacle. I wanted to get some of the peppers but decided it would be awkward to carry them on the motorcycle and even worse to clean up if the jar broke.


We also stop at the Tropic of Cancer and take group photos. The marker is covered with grafitti—and it is probably a good thing that I do not understand exactly what is written there.


We drive past huge trucks full of oranges and everywhere we smell orange juice. Some of the other riders marvel at the quantity of the trucks and the sight of oranges piled high.


Our end destination tonight is Santa Engracia—an 18th century hacienda. The little town has narrow dirt roads and I wish I had more time to take photos. That evening is our final formal meal together. The dining area has dark ornate furniture and it does feel like we have stepped back in time.

 More photos are found here

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