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Mexico on a Motorcycle Part Two



I decided to be a van passenger. My knee does not like to stay bent for long periods of time and I thought it would be sufficiently challenging for my dear spouse to ride a new motorcycle in unfamiliar territory. Our first task was to pick up the last person from our group whose flight had been canceled and delayed through Dallas. Poor guy had spent the night sleeping on a cot in the airport. His final flight into McAllen was also delayed but finally we got on the road. The tour guide whose assignment was to drive the chase vehicle had never been on this tour before—he was replacing another tour guide whose mother was ill.

Our first project was to import our vehicles and ourselves. The visa was written in Spanish with English sub-titles—an interesting variation of ours written in English with Spanish sub-titles.

The international bridge—over the Rio Grande is jam-packed full of vehicles—and vendors selling everything from newspapers to huge crucifixes to snacks despite huge signs warning against purchase of said items.

After an hour or so, we are duly fitted out with appropriate paperwork and we are off through the countryside. The roads are quite good and we make good time but we don’t see our fellow motorcyclists until we finally find the hotel. Then we have the excitement of backing down into a basement garage with a ten passenger van and trailer through an opening so narrow we must fold the side mirrors in. I decide that next time, I will get out and watch from the sidewalk.

Photos from the first three days of the trip can be seen here


or you can see ALL the photos I took. Just back up in smugmug to the Motodiscovery gallery. You can also see my husbands photos as well. He uploaded all of mine before I had a chance to edit mine. So you will see the first set of photos lined up by dates and then my edited ones by title at the bottom.

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