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Philly, Ready or Not, Here I Come

Philadelphia April 08


SDA and SAQA are hosting a combined conference this week and I was fortunate enough to get a spot. It is a sold out convention!


The trip, though, has not had an auspicious beginning. Although this conference has been on my schedule since December, work demands had me working until midnight last night. After a frantic consultation with my husband who suggested I not come home after work (3 hour plus drive) and just drive directly to the airport and buy new clothes, I decided to do just that. I took the very last room in a nearby hotel that had no air conditioning and looked like it was a break room for hotel staff with beer bottle caps, dirt, and dirty towels.


The next morning I left for the airport, having stoked up on a breakfast burrito at the local taqueria—the ‘continental’ breakfast at the hotel consisting of granola bars and instant oatmeal packets. I shopped for some clothing at Academy –the only store open at 8 in the morning–but the only underwear available was cheerleader panties and matching sports bras.


The plane ride was somewhat bumpy, the passenger next to me indulged in rather gross personal habits and I did not ask him to assist me in getting my laptop from the overhead bin. I had not really planned to bring my laptop or camera but I certainly didn’t want to leave them in my truck in the airport parking lot either.


Philadelphia airport seems cramped and confusing. Daffodils are blooming rather determinedly in flower beds—the grass is green in a few spots but mostly it is just brown and gray and dreary looking. Eventually (after three trips outside in 50 degree weather), my shuttle arrives, and a very full van drives to Valley Forge.


The taxi drivers of King of Prussia are very personable; one takes me to the King of Prussia mall where I buy a nightgown, a jacket, a couple of shirts, a pair of pants, and some underwear. There is no restaurant in the hotel and so I take advantage of the TGIF restaurant for a glass of wine and an appetizer. A baseball game is on—Pittsburgh vs Washington—I’ve forgotten how much I love to watch and listen to baseball games.


Tomorrow—-the Philadelphia Art Museum—

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