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Mexico on a motorcycle Part One


Taking a tour of Mexico on motorcycle sounds adventurous, no? A trip for those young and foolish?

The adventure began with the mention of a special tour organized for Motorcycle Instructors at their annual conference. Although our schedule did not permit that particular ride, we decided that the Old Colonial Tour the end of February sounded fun.

Glen tried hard to get his personal motorcycle ready for the trip, but bad weather and uncooperative tires and carburetor scratches (don’t ask me what that means) doused that and he ended up renting a V-Strom for the trip.

The first part of the adventure was trying to pack everything you might need for 8 days with unknown weather into a bag designed for airline carry-on. Being rather cold-natured, I knew I would need more long-sleeved wear than others.

After a leisurely two day drive to McAllen, we met our fellow travelers. It promised to be an interesting group. Motorcycle riders tend to divide themselves into groups….sport-riders, road-racers or by makes—Harleys, Beamers, etc.  In addition to that natural division, there was a small family group who had all sorts of private jokes. During a huge Texas style Mexican dinner, it was clear that everyone was a bit nervous about the entire project.

Photos of the entire trip are found on Smugmug

Both my husband and I took photos –a lot of them. You can peruse all of them or just my selected galleries by name.

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