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Traveling randomly

continental-divide.jpgRandom thoughts about travel


My husband and I are touring Mexico by motorcycle this week. Last summer we toured the Western part of the United States. I had planned to blog routinely during the trip but internet access was limited in some places and then, too, we hiked and drove and looked and were pretty tired at the end of each day. Here are a few random thoughts about that trip.


  1. Compact cars were more likely to cross the center line when traveling on narrow mountain roads than big trucks or even the RV’s.
  2. RV’s have shrunk. There were very few of the huge vehicles towing cars. Most were the trucks with the over the cab sleeping area and many were rentals.
  3. Motorcyclists were the politest of all the fellow travelers.
  4. Cars with deeply tinted windows drove up to the informational markers where one person read the signage; cars without tinted windows had folks that got out, hiked up the trails, and read for themselves.
  5. People offered to take photos of us in front of whatever landmark we wished.
  6. Groups of people in restaurants always seemed to have a designated reader who read out the entire menu offering to the others in the group.
  7. Restaurant activity included flossing teeth and an in-depth discussion of repair of cracked toilets.
  8. Although it was summer, there were far fewer children than I expected—unless they were all behind tinted windows.
  9. There are a lot of non-US citizen tourists.
  10. Park rangers are thrilled to tell everyone (repeatedly about a hundred times a day) about the wonderful sights to see in their park.


And finally, there are few better things to do as a vacationing artist than to spend time just looking.


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