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Success Part Three


Definition of Success Part Three


My last post wasn’t exactly about art. Or was it? 


For me, there is a fine line between showing who I am and what I am about in my art and using art and exhibits and viewers as a form of psychotherapy.


I’ve been to those shows where the artist has issues with being female, fitting into society, understanding their sexuality, marital-partner issues, opposing political viewpoints, and so forth. What comes across to me is their raw anger and because unfortunately there are usually a LOT of pieces, it is clear that they have not come to terms with their thoughts and feelings. Frequently, the emotion is subverted by the obvious lack of technical skill and excused by the artist as intensity of emotion.


Although I’m not fond of Picasso’s ‘Guernica’, the idea of war and his political opinion had to be pointed out to me. Goya’s work seems to be documentary in style as does Gerricault’s Raft of the Medusa. But War by its nature is divisive and ugly. 


Then there’s Mary Cassatt’s paintings of women and children. Compare those with  Sam Butcher’s Precious Moments. Both are about sweetness, but Cassatt’s work is processed and the viewer can choose to agree or not. Precious Moments figurines, although clearly monetarily successful, make me feel like I’ve eaten nothing but frosting for every meal. Cassatt’s work is like fruit, still sweet, but with substance.


Would I choose to be Cassatt? Or Sam Butcher? (ignoring the obvious gender disparity and choice of names)


I think the answer is obvious. I want my art to reflect who I am and what I am on that particular day. If a viewer is inspired or influenced, I will be honored.


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  1. thought-provoking … thanks.

    February 18, 2008

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