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Success Part One


Definition of Success Part One

I’ve been reading Alyson Stanfield’s Art Biz Blog for several months. This past week included a podcast about success. The homework was to journal about aspects of success.

I chose to write about the words in pairs. The first two are ‘Many’ and ‘Sales’.

If those words are combined they become ‘MANY SALES’. Desirable, no? In that fuzzy world of fame and fortune, it would seem so. But then reality sinks in. If I have many sales, then I would have to have made ‘many art’ and have ‘many customers’ who would all have ‘many requests’ and ‘many demands’ on me. Now I begin to back away. I don’t really WANT more demands.

But ‘Many’ also means abundance. What would I do if I had an abundance of ideas, materials to work with, and time to work?

‘Sales’ implies finality, completion of a project. Lots of preparation and intermediate steps are required. Much of that isn’t seen in the final product.

So Preparation of behind the scene stuff, and sorting through an abundance to find just the right combination of things. For me success is the hunt—the destination of the day is just a resting point—a place to look, gather more, prepare more, and assess the available paths.

Tomorrow another set of words.

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