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A birds eye view of my Work Room

studio view threeA Tour of My Work Room


     One of my favorite things to do is to take a walk in the early evening. People have the lights on but haven’t drawn the drapes and are eating supper or reading or doing homework. I admit to peeping through their windows and making up stories in my head about what they are doing and what sort of lives they live on the basis of their furniture and paintings and wall-paper. Sometimes I can guess the menu by the smells or the look of the food.


  first viewstash view

Since my work area is on the second floor of my house and I have ten foot ceilings, no-one can really peep into my windows and see how I work. I’ve put up a short explanation of how I work on a series on my website but that doesn’t really show the space I use. I didn’t clean up for these photos but this is how the space usually looks.


    The area I claimed for myself is half of a sun-porch that runs the length of the master bedroom. My husband has electronic and computer stuff in the other half although my stuff has been slowly invading his area while his computer stuff has crawled into the master bedroom.


     The sewing table is an old wooden secretary’s desk with a typewriter extension that I bought at a used office supply warehouse for $75. My sewing machine sits on the extension. Its bed is even with the large surface of the desk which lends support to any large pieces I might sew on. I’ve tried the flat bed extensions but discovered I didn’t like having to move everything to change the bobbin.


     Directly in front of me is whatever image I am working on. I keep my eyes focused on that image while I am working. To my right is a stack of two plastic organizers with pull-out drawers for my thread. The thread is arranged by color with one drawer for basic threads I use in bobbins and basic construction while another one is for miscellaneous specialty threads. On the desk to my right is a small pad for coffee cup or water bottle, plus my scissors, bamboo skewer, and seam ripper. In the set of desk drawers on that side are small sample pieces of interfacing, various bits of different kinds of fabrics all for testing stitches.


     On the main part of the desk is a large cutting mat. Underneath that mat are large things I need to keep flat—large sheets of tracing paper or photographs. That set of drawers contains scissors, rotary cutters, and marking devices.


            Notice the small television, DVD and VCR plus radio. I do a lot of listening to books while I work. Not shown is a light table on one of those cheap student desks. It is always plugged in. All I need to do is turn it on. I also have an enlarger under the desk which requires some setup time. Also not shown are four more boxes of thread organized somewhat by color but more by what I thought I might use in some class I took, two organizers with drawers containing fuzzy yarn bits, zippers, and other decorative items by color, and two large tackle boxes with various feet for my sewing machine. Also not shown is a small serger and a Felter.


     My stash is stored in boxes according to color. I prefer large Tide boxes as they are easy to pull out and not too heavy when full. Unfortunately the bright orange is not exactly what I would have chosen as a predominant decorating color and I can no longer find the orphanage size boxes. My ironing board sits in front of those shelves—which are all industrial grade shelving capable of a 500 pound load per shelf. I don’t think I’ve ever come close to that weight, but it’s a nice aspiration.


     Further down is a portion of my book collection along with my working image file. The image file is several large pocket folders divided by subject. I also keep all the drawings and images for each piece in a separate folder or roll on top of the shelving. I’m not sure why I’m keeping all of this stuff—I don’t really make anything twice.


     Periodically I try to clean all of this up thinking I need to be more organized—but things sort of gravitate back to this status and actually all I’m doing is avoiding working.

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