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New Years Ambitions

front door

January 2, 2008

Everyone—well, perhaps not everyone, is concentrating on new starts, resolutions, aims, goals. Of course, it’s rather arbitrary, this particular time of the year—it could be any time of the year. But the important thing is to stop and reflect upon life in general and a direction for the future.

For many years, I wrote out an extensive list—and if I did everything on that list, each day would be a week long. And many of those things appeared on consecutive year’s lists. So this year I’ve decided to take a different approach. I have just three goals for this year.

  1. Floss. This means doing all the little things, repetitious, unexciting, routine that are needed to maintain this particular aging person.
  2. Smile. This means approaching each person and activity with a different attitude. If I start with a smile, perhaps things I find drudgery will take on a glow—-it’s worth a try. It will be a tough go for the bill-paying though.
  3. Walk. This means doing—not just making lists, or gathering the supplies, or watching others, it means moving and doing.

So there we have it—three goals—simple—we’ll see how doable they are.

One of my goals for last year was to establish a blog and to write in it on some sort of regular basis. This year, I want to increase the frequency of my entries. I’ll end this entry by describing the photo.

The photo is taken in front of my house. Featured on the left is the new mail box, the old one having lost its door —I could not figure out how the mailbox got so bent up—but husband explained that the boys had set off a firecracker in it, he knew about it, but did not say anything about it as then he would have to punish them, and he thought it rather humorous. (They were pre-teens at the time—and we found other ways to direct their energy and ingenuity—plus bought a new mailbox)

The three people standing there are myself, my middle son, and my husband—in his fully hairy state. He typically shaves his beard in the winter and lets it grow in the summer.

Note the square pillars behind us. They are made of resin poured around a weight-bearing pipe and replace the original round wooden pillars. We had repaired them several times, but decided a one-time replacement with something that would never need repair would be cost-effective. It wasn’t difficult to replace them, but it did take two of us.

The house has been freshly painted as part of our repair work from Hurricane Rita damage. In 2008, we’ll begin repair of the interior. It’s been a long road.

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