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Fabricated Fairy Tales

fello fabricators

     In January, Karey Bresenham of Quilters Inc had a first run of her Creativity Center. I’ve blogged about that earlier and if I were a talented blogger I could direct you to that entry but you can scroll downwards. At the close of a wonderful day, I found myself with one of my good friends sitting at the end of a table in a Mexican restaurant with three other quilters. Two (sisters) I had met as a Bernina Fashion Show dresser and the other via email after purchasing her post card as part of the FiberArt For a Cause. My friend brought along a book I had written for her about her mother and a beautiful yellow dress. Somehow we started talking about Bullwinkle the Moose and fractured fairy tales. Maybe it was the margaritas or the pico but we all agreed we needed to write a round robin book.

     About halfway through the exchange, my friend Sherry and I traveled to Ohio for QSDS, stopped at Loretta Lynne’s Kitchen in Tennessee and found lots of Elvis things. We bought Elvis mints, and Elvis pill-boxes, and nail-clippers, and post-cards, and I even bought an Elvis purse and wallet. Still later our local Hancock’s closed and we discovered some Elvis tote bag panels. We decided that everyone needed one of those bags but then we discovered the instructions included even more images of Elvis. It didn’t take us long to decide that we would include Elvis in each of the stories.

     Friday at festival was our final reveal of the projects. Karey wanted in on the final reveal and read two of them in the midst of her many responsibilities at the Quilt Art reception. Fortunately we had all decided—actually I think we were too eager to hear the final stories—to meet at Friday for lunch.

     We laughed so hard that people at the tables around us started inching their chairs in and listening to the stories. There are a few clean-up details. We’re going to copy all of our books and make a copy for each person. And we thought it might be fun to write an article for a magazine featuring the books.

     Here were our rules:

            1. Each of us made a front cover which included a title and sign-in page.

            2. Each of us ‘made up’ a character that was quilt-sewing related

3. The first page included a chapter and then a picture of some sort to create a cliff-hanger to inspire the next person.

            4. The size was 5 inches by 7 inches in a vertical format.

5. Each page was constructed so that it was stiff enough to function as a page. The stiffener could include an index card or interfacing.

            6. Any technique could be used.

            7. Pages were forwarded at a pre-agreed schedule.

            8. We formed a yahoo group for general reminders, to document mailing and receipt of the books. We also hinted at some of the adventures of the characters.

            9. The book belonged to the person who originated the book and character.


     Things we think we will change for the next round include some sort of method of fastening the pages together to keep them in order, copies of each book for each other, plus a brief discussion about the back cover. Some of us made back covers for the last book we worked on while I made a back cover for my book. We still haven’t decided on exactly what format the next year’s round will bring. Our plan, though, is to meet at Houston for the final reveal.

  That photo at the top is us—and we actually look rather normal, don’t we?

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