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Blog Action Day on Environment

This past weekend was glorious.  White puffy clouds scudded across a beautiful blue sky. There was just a hint of a nip in the air in the early dawn hours but the afternoon was a perfect 78 and only 40 percent humidity. It was a perfect day.

I spent the day mowing and refurbishing my raised garden beds. In another two weeks, I’ll plant my fall garden. The vegetables I raise probably cost more than ones I could buy in the store but there’s something about digging in the earth, watching the weather carefully to plan watering and planting and harvesting, weeding, watching for blossoms, then the fruit and finally harvesting the produce.

Perhaps if all of us interacted personally with the earth, we might be more respectful and grateful for all its blessings and abundance. I know that I am truly impressed with anyone that can grow tomatoes!

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