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For those of you who love words (as I do) and who cannot resist the wonderful sensory impressions from Harry Potter, here is the the formal definition of finagle.

fi·na·gle (fə-nāgəl) pronunciationv. Informal., -gled, -gling,

  1. To obtain or achieve by indirect, usually deceitful methods: finagle a day off from work.
  2. To cheat; swindle: shady stockbrokers who finagle their clients out of fortunes.


To use crafty, deceitful methods

fi·na·gle (fə-nâgəl) pronunciation

Do we not admire art that inspires us, creates a vivid sensation–whether it be taste or smell or hearing or vision—and is that not what we all try to do with our own work?

Today I’m giving myself permission to play with my waterbrushes and do something rather silly. The next few days promise to be busy but be on the lookout for something fun to be posted here.

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