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Design potential in everyday life

pallett-of-pickets.jpgOver the past two weeks, my husband and I have been laboriously installing a section of privacy fence around our house. Home improvement projects are not a new thing for us but this one—well, let’s just say it’s obvious we are older than we used to be.

First we rented a post-hole digger. We had ten posts to place in soil that is thick gooey clay otherwise known as gumbo. The post-hole digger had a little motor that was about the size of a lawn-mower but seemed to gain weight as we used it–as it was much harder to put it back in the bed of my truck than it was to take it out. Both of us had to hold onto this gigantic drill like device. Going down was fairly easy; pulling it back up was challenging. We thought we leveled and straightened out those posts before we filled in with concrete mix and dirt. But placing the cross-beams required some board stretching and the whole thing looked like somewhat wobbly soldiers after a full day’s march. After we had fallen into bed that night, we remembered we had not taken any pictures.

That was last weekend. This weekend we started out by buying a pallett of pickets from our youngest son’s company. Most of the pickets are rejects due to knot-holes or large splits or corners missing. They are part of a large load of lumber they use to make palletts—but the pickets are fillers to make the total price cheaper. Watching two young men deftly maneuver two fork lifts with a bundle of pickets was fascinating—there was not one scratch on my truck—-but we still forgot to take pictures.

When we got home, we started unloading pickets. And I did remember to take pictures. But only after I saw the pattern of those pickets sitting in the bed of my truck.

The fence still isn’t quite complete. We have several more weekends—as I noted above—we’re much more mature than we were for past projects.

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  1. Waaaaanna see pics! ;^)

    September 14, 2007

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