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QSDS in review

tempting blue beads Last week I had the opportunity to attend QSDS, a symposia dedicated to art quilting in Columbus Ohio. Although I expected to work hard alongside other like minded artists and really stretch my artistic sensibilities, that did not happen.

The venue itself has significant security issues. The symposium has the flavor of a small event that has outgrown itself without any refiguring any of the logistics of managing that many people in that sort of space. Like baking a cake, multiplying ingredients endlessly just does not work. Too much was unplanned and free-flowing. Although I met a lot of nice people, the unpleasantness of the entire event is what remains in my mind. I don’t think I am a poor sport and I tried really hard to make the event and the class work for me—but it just didn’t happen.

My creativity is based on a sense of order, a sense of completeness and serenity. My work reflects story–with a begining, middle, and ending–not necessarily happy but a completed thought.  I am willing to venture out and try all sorts of things as long as I know where ‘home’ is and that it is in order. I tried to find the minimum of order I needed to be creative in those circumstances but struggle as I might, it wasn’t within my grasp.

There were some fun moments, though. I had ‘Sex on the Beach’ for the first time–no sand–just a lovely mixture of liquersat at a Mexican eatery while everyone else at the table had iced tea, ate at a lovely restaurant called Rhapsody in Nelsonville which is a culinary school’s public front–the food was wonderful and the wait staff and chefs thrilled to see us, fun and interesting people who insisted I looked just like–fill in the blank—–I had no idea I had so many ‘twin’s’  in the world, toured Quilt National again, shopped at St. Theresa’s Treasure Trove for fun beads and fabric, and took lots of pictures. On the way home, we stopped again at Loretta Lynn’s restaurant in Tennessee. Somehow I managed to buy a purse there–covered with Elvis pins–plus a matching wallet—I haven’t a clue as to why I got those things. Addendum: Although I’ve planned to review the notebook I worked in during the week, I haven’t managed to even open it. I did, however, edit and arrange the photos from the trip. Unfortunately, documentation of the trip there are gone. Too bad, I had some great photos of the Huddle House and Waffle House cooks.

Here are the photos:

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  1. Hi Sylvia, I just “re-found” your blog, and was looking forward to seeing your pictures from QSDS … unfortunately, your link doesn’t work. :^(
    Even though your experience wasn’t the best, I totally enjoyed your and Sherry’s company there. Maybe a different venue next year?

    September 14, 2007

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