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A week with Nancy Crow

workroom instructions Life has been rather a blur over the past few weeks. After a wonderful week in La Paz Mexico (see previous post), I went to my regular ‘day’ job for a week–have to pay the bills!– and then off to Baltimore Ohio for a week with Nancy Crow. The drive from Texas was two full days of driving with snow flurries the last day.

I’d always wanted to take a class with Nancy but I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect other than working hard and using lots of fabric. No problem for me to work hard–I expect to squeeze every bit of enjoyment/effort/knowledge I possibly can out of such a treat.

The facility itself is everything you’ve read about it–spacious and nicely lighted with wonderful chairs. The dining area is light and lovely with food prepared and served with a smile—Margaret Wolf is the chef—and she not only cooked effortlessly but provided warmth and cheer–like a good friend you’ve known forever. The only thing that could have been better was the weather–dark, gloomy, rainy, cold until Friday the last day. Nancy wore ear muffs to class each day except the last.

My fellow classmates were an interesting group, several had taken other classes from Nancy or had been there the previous work. I’ve rarely been in such a group with wonderful folks, all interested in working and encouraging each other. I was sad to leave them, they had all become my good friends.

Downstairs, a group of folks worked with tin cans. Periodically we would hear one of the ‘musical instruments’ being tested—the first time we heard it we thought that some sort of beast was loose in the basement.

john and Olive OilAlas, I am NOT a machine piecer. I did all the exercises but I just didn’t grasp the concept. I certainly tried, even taking notes on everyone’s presentation on the last afternoon, still trying to figure it out. Nancy pointed out my lack of skill in the nicest possible manner–she is indeed a wonderful teacher/mentor. Although I won’t try another one of her workshops, I do want to take another class in the Barn–perhaps a dyeing class while Nancy is conducting one of her machine pieceing/design classes upstairs.

Pictures of the workshop are on my laptop–soon to be added to the website.

Addendum: Photos of the week’s events can be found here:



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