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A week in La Paz Mexico and a virtual tart

April 2, 2007 

My husband and I spent ten days in La Paz Mexico attending a medical Spanish class. Baja California is beautiful with miles of white sand beaches and water that is turquoise and blue and purple with dolphins and manta rays flipping through the waves. Every day was perfect; the food all freshly caught from the sea that morning and prepared that day by expert Mexican chefs. It was hard to leave but bills must be paid. I was glad to be back; too much of any wonderful thing becomes average after a time; and I want to remember La Paz as a perfect place. I took lots of pictures but haven’t edited or labeled them—that’s a project for next week.

However, one of my relatively recent pieces can be seen on Dale Copeland’s virtual tart site

Like all of the other artists, I made thirteen collages and sent them to Dale. One is up for sale, one will reside permanently in a museum, and the others will be swapped with other collage artists. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a couple of particular favorites.

My pieces were made from vintage feedsack scraps I bought on ebay for $2 and a huge box of vintage rickrack also from ebay for $5. I pieced the scraps together randomly until the pieces were about 10 by 12 or so, placed batting underneath and stitched the coffee cup design composed of rickrack on by hand and by machine. Then I backed the little quiltlets, sewed on a hanging sleeve, and an identifying label. The rickrack color varied as did the completed squares. They were great fun but I have no more of the vintage feedsack scraps left—plenty of rickrack though.

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