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A weekend at Belle Rose Louisiania

gas capsgas capscamping out in bed of truckcamping out in bed of truckgas caps

I spent this weekend at motorcycle races in Belle Rose Louisiania. My husband goes to take photos of the racers, particularly the endurance races, and I go to get away from work. Mostly I take photos of the pit area and whatever else happens to interest me. This time, I found the bolts fastening the corrugated fence together interesting. I also took lots of pictures of the pit area and the paddock.

This event is billed as a family event and it really is. I have never run across a nicer group of folks, good sports, willing to share what they have so everyone can race, very little bad language, some drinking but not much–it’s hard to race with a hangover. There is a small but growing number of female racers, but mostly it’s a guy event with a few wives or girlfriends along as back-up crew or runners to the pit for more fuel or tools.

We decided to try camping out in the bed of my truck. We rigged a tarp across two ramps and had a nice enclosed area–not exactly sound-proof as the drag races continued on until about midnight. Unfortunately, a yoga mat is just not enough padding particularly when lying across the big bolt that fastens the bed of the truck to the truck frame.

After spending the day at the races, we ate at a really nice Cajun restaurant in Donaldsville on Louisiania 1. Our table overlooked the bayou and the crawfish pie was superb!

For more pictures go to and look for ysr612 and under motorcycle see the photos posted under Belle Rose.

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