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Welcome to My Notebook

Hello everyone from a new blogger.

Keeping a written notebook is a habit from college days of experiments in the chemistry, biology, and physics labs. When I started working with my sewing machine and fibers with the intent of producing artwork rather than curtains, dresses, Halloween costumes, pajamas, and quilts, a written notebook seemed only natural. 

My sewing machine functions  as a pencil or a paintbrush, my palette is not in tubes of paints but in piles of cloth usually neatly folded and stored in what I call orphanage size Tide detergent boxes. Sometimes I paint or dye the fabric before I fold it up and put it away in those boxes. Sometimes I scavenge fabric strips from the trash can at various quiltworkshops—and the bin of ugly or misprinted fabrics is my favorite place to shop.

In December I completed a degree in art–I officially posess a Masters in Visual Arts Studio Emphasis–a degree that took me more years to complete than I like to think about. I do have an official website with links to photos of my thesis show and my other fiber work. I’ll be updating that site this weekend and will list the source upon completion—right now it’s still rather incomplete and somewhat outdated.

I share that site with my husband who teaches motorcycle riding and takes photographs of motorcycle racing in Texas. His buddies can always find his site–and many of them actually look through my work. My sewing friends aren’t quite so brave.

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